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"You absolutely made the kitchen phone scene and family scene work. Thank you for being so easy to work with."

— Donna Weston, NBC Universal


"The client and all of us are very happy with your read. It was our good fortune that you were available and so easy to work with." -- Patrick O'Leary, USDA


"The ensemble scenes driven by Cathy’s (Kim Tuvin) desperate last attempt at family togetherness were chilling.Tuvin offers an amazingly emotionally deranged performance." --

Capital Fringe 2015, DC Theatre Scene


"Cathy is the core of the play, the source from which her children’s neuroses emanate, and Tuvin is spellbinding as a woman about to burst who manages to keep a false smile painted on her face." -- Washington City Paper



"Supported by a stellar cast, particularly Kim Tuvin as the quietly powerful Volumnia, the acting is some of the best I’ve yet seen at this year’s Capital Fringe." --


"As Volumnia, Coriolanas’ stately mother, Kim Tuvin fascinates as she delivers the most bloodcurdling lines with an air of self-satisfaction, [as] if she had just won a contest in a suburban bake-off. It is a unique and very powerful portrayal." 


"Your immense talent, wit and grace under pressure brighten up the whole set and make our days fun and easy. Thank you for that!"
Carl Hamilton


"If everyone were like you, my job would be cake."

— Katie Kasben, Event Pro Strategies


"We appreciate your flexibility as we conducted our first ever TV shopping demonstrations. We were especially impressed with the way you took direction and internalized all of our suggestions on-the-fly. Your demeanor and presence certainly helped us make the most of our home shopping debut. Please feel free to list Soda-Club as a reference for future engagements, and we will of course think of you for future on-camera representation!" -- Kristin Harp, Marketing, Soda-Club USA



Narrator -- Silver Telly Award winning film “Mount St Helen’s -- Eruption of Life”


Narrator -- NAGC Gold Screen award winning video "Powerful Partnerships"

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